2023 Landscape Nonprofit Price Changes

This article covers changes to the Landscape Nonprofit price changes instituted on January 1, 2023.

New (after 1/1/2023) Customer Pricing

All new qualified nonprofits who sign up for Landscape after 1/1/2023 will be charged according to the following tier structure. If you were a customer prior to 1/1/2023, see the next section of this article.




Existing Customer Pricing Changes

Those organizations who were already on board prior to January 1, 2023 will see an increase in their billing as of their first renewal in 2024. This increase also eliminates the mobile app connector as an add-on to the base subscription and merges the two costs for all subscriptions.



Why the changes?

The Landscape user base has grown tremendously in recent years, and we are quickly becoming the go-to solution for nonprofit land conservation data management. This growth has been accompanied by a continuous series of updates to infrastructure and features to meet the needs of the myriad organizations we serve, as well as the hiring of additional staff to ensure that our customers continue to receive quality customer service. The price increases allow us to guarantee continued improvement in the product for our customers as well as longevity and resilience for for the company itself.



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