Adding requirements for Task completion

When working in a Project Goal, all added Work will be shared with the component Property Asset.  So, if you add a 'Survey' as completed Work, the Property record automatically inherits that as a 'Survey' Asset.  However, how do you ensure that users are adding the appropriate Work items if you're also using a Task Checklist?  Someone could mark the 'Get a Survey' task as completed, but perhaps not go through the actual step of adding it as Work so it becomes a permanent part of the Property record. By adding a requirement for Task completion, you can ensure that staff members who are marking Tasks as 'Completed' are also filing the appropriate Work items.  You can only have one requirement per task.


For example, without the setting applied, in the task list below, someone could enter the 'Obtain Survey' task as 'Completed' without actually uploading the completed Survey as completed Work.  With this setting applied, the user will be prompted to complete the action when before a task can be marked as 'Completed'.




Option 1: Build the Requirements in Settings

From Settings --> Work --> Checklists, navigate to the checklist you want to add the requirements to.  Change the 'Required Work Category' and 'Required Work Type' drop down menus to match the Work item that you want the user to be prompted to add.   If you need to add types, you can do so via Settings --> List Items --> Properties.  


Below I've added a requirement for the 'Get Board Approval' task.




Option 2: Build the requirements as you add tasks

Alternatively, you can add requirements to tasks as you add them.  For example, perhaps a project needs two separate appraisals, but the built-in check list only has one.  You can add a second appraisal task, click the edit button, and then update the requirements from inside that task:







Testing the requirements

Navigate to a Project that uses that checklist, and try to complete a Task without adding the necessary Work.  If I try to mark the 'Get Board Approval' Item after applying the settings outlined in the first example above, I receive the following message:




Navigating into the task editor, you can see the specific requirements of that task that were created in settings ("Required Work Category" and "Required Work Type"), and add the Completed Work with the correct category and type.




Note that a user can also do this in reverse order, i.e. , they can add 'Work' to the Project, and as long as they fill out the associated task field, they will be allowed to complete the 'Board Approval' Task.


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