Re-taking Photos in Monitoring Visits (2021 Mobile App)

Some organizations take the same photos from the same location every year.  The Mobile App allows you to easily copy photo points from a prior visit and insert a new photo of the same location.

Note: If you haven't used the monitoring app before, make sure you review this article for a complete app tutorial.  

Step 1: Enable the copying of geography from settings

The ability to use this function needs to be activated in the app.  Go to settings by selecting the menu button in the search bar (1) and then 'Settings (2)



Then check the box that says 'Allow copying of existing geography'




Step 2: Find the site visit geography you'd like to copy

Once you've prepared the site for offline use and have downloaded all of the accompanying geography and photos, you can start your site visit. 

In the screenshot below, I've selected the geography from the visit on 1/8 as the visible geography (1). You could also select another layer to be your reference layer, such as 'Baseline Visits'.  




Once you've navigated to the correct place, select the photo point you'd like to copy (1), then "Copy" in the window that opens.




The 'Copy and Retake Photos' menu is displayed. The photo from the selected visit will show on the left.  



Take the photo. The caption from the copied photo will be added automatically, although you can change it if you need to using the 'describe' button.







After you select 'Keep', the photo will be displayed next to the reference point.





Once you're done, click the back button to go back to the map. The new photo point will appear as a yellow photo point over the reference point.  




If there are multiple photos to the photo point, you will have the option of taking a photo for each.  





It is important to remember that all of the data collected on your site visit goes into the active site visit, and will not alter the original reference geography.  This means that reference photos won't be shown on the final report.



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