The Site Visit Form Library

Each Stewardship Site has a 'Site Visit Form Library' section in the 'Work' tab.  After you build a global form in settings, you can load it into each site's form library (either one by one or in bulk).  When you do, you'll be prompted to associate the form with a type of site visit (Annual Monitoring, BDR, etc.).  This means that every time someone starts a new site visit of that type, the form will automatically load, eliminating the need for the user to choose the correct form in the field.




Having individual form libraries also enables you to customize the global forms after they have been applied to the site.  For example, you may have a specific set of questions that you want to ask on a specific site, but not anywhere else.  You can load the normal monitoring form into the library and add the extra questions within that library form. Those questions will only appear when the user is at that particular site.

You can also build forms from scratch within the site visit form library. However, be aware that you'll only be able to use that form within that specific stewardship site. It's usually better to build your forms in settings.

Note that this is not where you actually answer the form questions - to do that, you'll need to create a site visit.

For an overview of the monitoring workflow, check out the 'Crash Course: Stewardship' article or the 'Monitoring Workflow' article


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