How do I record co-held easements?

There are two ways we recommend highlighting that an easement is co-held with one or more other organizations. 
Note:  Unless you treat those interests in a way that is different from your normal easements (most organizations don't) we do not recommend adding 'Co-held Easement' as its own property interest type.

1) Add 'Co-held' as a Property category



If you add 'Co-held Easement' to the list of available categories (via Settings --> List Items --> Properties) you can then easily filter out all co-held easements on any views or lists you're creating.


2) Add the Co-holder as an Active Contact

It is good practice to add a contact record for the co-holder as an Active Contact, and to tag them as a co-holder. You can then capture any details regarding reporting requirements, monitoring responsibilities, etc., in the parcel contact record.




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