Property Events & Parcel History

A property and its component parcels can change over time.  The Property Events button allows you to see a summary of big changes to your property record.  This includes acquisitions, dispositions, amendments, divisions, and merges.  




Property Events begin when you acquire the property and the status becomes Current Holding or Partner Holding. If the property status is set to Active or Inactive, no events are added to the list, and only the acreage is updated.  When the status is changed from active or inactive, the acreage is calculated from the parcel acreage field, and the 'Property Acquired' event is added to the list:




Total current acreage is always displayed on the right.  The year of the event is displayed as a header on the left, with newer events appearing at the top.

Property Events usually rely on specific property assets for their information, so those assets must be completed in order for the information to be updated.  For example, if you add an amendment asset which adds acreage to the property, the status of that amendment must be set to 'completed' before the changes can be seen in the list.  Sometimes you can make adjustments without adding assets, for example if you dispose of a single parcel from the parcel editor, but we strongly recommend adding an asset for most cases, as it can capture the details of the change for future reference.





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