Updating Parcel Size

If you want to change the size of a parcel after it has been acquired (ie. the status of the property is not Active or Inactive), you can't simply update the number in the field.  This is because the 'Property Events' needs to know if the acreage update is an 'event' that requires more information to be completed (like an amendment) or merely a correction which doesn't need to be logged as a part of the parcel's history.

To get started, click on the acres.  If there are multiple parcels, you'll need to click on the parcel you want to change first:




You are presented with three choices for updating the size. 




'Update it with an Amendment Asset' will create an amendment asset for you, which you can then fill out with the relevant information.  Note that even if it's not an 'official' amendment, you may still want to use this asset type if you want to capture other information, like notes on why the acreage is being corrected. You can simply change the 'type' of amendment to 'Correction' or something similar.  The acreage change will not be applied until the asset status is marked as 'completed'.




Once completed, the change will appear in the Property Events like this:





'Update it and add new Parcel History Entry' allows you to log the change in the Property Events without the need for creating an asset.  Enter the new size of the parcel in the field where it says 'New Size':




The change appears in the property events like this:





Finally, you can 'Update it without updating the Parcel history' to simply change the parcel acreage without logging the correction as a Property Event.  This will go back to the last history item of that parcel and modify it. So, if you had previously amended the parcel's size, it will go back and modify the size at that point in time, too.




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