LTA Accreditation Report

Since so many of our customers are members of the Land Trust Alliance, we've developed a special report process to make it simple to grab the data you need for your accreditation or re-accreditation spreadsheets.

To begin, go to 'Reports' --> 'Special Purpose', and click on the lightning bolt next to 'LTA Accreditation Project List'




Accreditation Report builder will appear.  The parameters you enter in this builder will determine which records are included in your output spreadsheet.




Note that the accuracy of the report depends entirely on the accuracy of the data within your account.  To review records for accuracy, you can use Views to see your data in spreadsheet form and even apply bulk edits if necessary.


'Use data prior to' is a date field.  If you'd like to run the report for only prior to a certain date in the past, enter that date. Otherwise, it is automatically filled in with the current date.


'First-time accreditation' vs. 'Reaccreditation' changes the output to match the first time accreditation vs. reaccreditation worksheets from LTA.


'Use fee template' vs. 'Use easement template' changes the output to match the LTA Fee vs. Easement spreadsheet templates.


'Property Interests to Include' allows you to select those interests which you want to include in the report.  For example, if you keep track of trail easements or managed properties in Landscape but do not want to include them in your report, do not enter those interests. Use the drop down menu to add the interest types you want to include one by one:




'Site Visit Types to Include' will filter out only certain types of site visits from your monitoring spreadsheets. So, for example, if you only want to include the dates of 'Annual Monitoring' visit types but not 'Work Party', select 'Annual Monitoring' from the drop down list.  


'What donation substantiation asset type is an 8283?' is where you specify which donation substantiation asset type is being used to record your IRS 8283 forms. 
Clarification: In Landscape, there is a Property Asset type called 'Donation Substantiation' which can be used to record 8283 forms and other similar assets.  This part of the Report Builder looks at those assets for information related to the substantiation. If you are not using this asset type, then this part of the report builder will not function as intended.




'What contact tag denotes the original grantor?' allows you to select the tag which denotes the Grantor of the interest.  By default (and in most accounts), this will be 'Grantor'. 


Click 'OK' to run the report.  A .csv will be generated that you can then copy/paste into your LTA Accreditation Spreadsheets:




If you notice any errors or omissions, it is highly recommended that you correct the information in Landscape and then re-run the report, rather than simply correcting it in the spreadsheet.  Doing so will increase the integrity of your data in the long-term, rather than providing a short-term fix.


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