Performing Site Visits for Neighboring Stewardship Sites

It is often the case that lands you protect and manage will share boundaries, and that you'll want to perform multiple site visits at the same time, or stop and restart a site visit later in the day.  The Landscape Mobile App makes it easy to manage these scenarios.


Performing Multiple Site Visits Simultaneously

Starting another site visit at the same time is the same workflow as starting any other site visit: tap on the boundary of the neighboring stewardship site and select 'Site Visits'



You can then restart a visit which was not started or in progress, or you can create a new visit:




You'll be brought to the site visit details page.  Tap 'Start Visit' and then the back button to go back to the map.




The Active Site Visits Icon will update with the number of site visits you're currently tracking.  




You can have as many active site visits as you need to. This means that your device is taking a GPS track which will be recorded in both site visits, as well as tracking your time on site.


When you need to take a photo, click on the camera button as usual.  You will be prompted to choose which active site visit the photo belongs to. Photos can only be taken for a single site visit at a time:




Choose the correct site visit, and then proceed with taking the photo and adding the caption as you normally would.


When finished on a certain Stewardship Site, click on the Active Site Visits icon (mceclip5.png) to navigate to the correct site visit record:




Click 'Stop Visit' to stop taking a track and to update the end time. 


If anything gets mixed up, remember you can easily copy/paste features from one site visit to the other from the desktop version of Landscape back at the office.



Restarting Monitoring Visits

A visit can be restarted after you've stopped it.  This can be handy if you leave the site for a while (say to monitor a neighboring easement) but then make your way back to the site at which you started. 


To restart a visit, tap on the boundary of the Stewardship Site containing the site visit, and select 'Site Visits:




Select the appropriate visit from under 'Choose existing visit:' and click 'OK'




You'll be taken to the site visit details page, where you can select 'Start Visit':




You can update the start time of your visit if you'd like, but you'll probably want to keep it and just continue with your visit.  Note that since site visits can only have one start time and one end time, you may need to recalculate your actual total hours on site after the visit (in the 'Personnel' field), and even include a note for clarity on the discrepancy between your start and end time and the actual length of the visit.




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