Is all of my data backed up automatically?

Yes and no. All of your project data is backed up on our servers daily and backups are available for 8 days. This means it is possible to restore your database back to the state it was in up to 8 days ago. 

For additional piece of mind, you may choose to download all your project data periodically and back it up on your local servers. You can download your data from the user name menu. Choose "Your Subscription", then click "Download all Project Data."

Photos and other Documents that you upload are not backed up. They are stored on the server redundantly in multiple data centers in triplicate, however. So, it is highly unlikely that you will lose the data due to hardware or system failure on our servers. But, you will not be able to access past versions of files. For most uses this isn't an issue because the document storage in LANDSCAPE is meant primarily for archival and not working documents.

We recommend you keep local electronic copies of all documents and photos you upload to LANDSCAPE.


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