Editing Conservation Views

Conservation Views allow you to view custom lists of your conservation data based on a query and set of fields.

There is a built-in View called "All Property Acquisitions." It displays all the Property Acquisitions in your account. This View can not be removed or edited. However, you can clone this view or create new views from scratch. Views you create belong to your user profile and are not visible to other users unless you explicitly share them.

To create a new View:

1. Click the plus icon button to the right of the View selector.



2. Choose the criteria for the view. If you want to see the results of your changes as you edit, you must press the Refresh button.


3. Select the fields you want to view by clicking the Fields tab. Click on fields in the left column to add them to the right column. You can reorder the fields by clicking on them in the right column and dragging them to a new position. Remove fields by clicking the Remove button next to the field.

4. When you are done editing, click the Close button

Whenever you create a new view or clone an existing view, it becomes your Ad Hoc View. If the Ad Hoc View is the last view you use, it will always be there whenever you come back into the Views window. If you want the Ad Hoc View to be more permanent, you need to save it.

To save the Ad Hoc View, click the Save button.

The Save dialog will open and prompt you for a name. Enter a name and click okay. You can not use a name already in use by another of your views. To replace an existing view:

1. Select the view you want to replace and click the Clone button. This creates a copy of the view as your Ad Hoc View.

2. The Ad Hoc View is now selected. Choose the original view from the list again. 

3. Click the Delete View button to remove the original view.

4. Select the Ad Hoc View from the list. 

5. Press the Save button and give the Ad Hoc View the name of the original.


You can learn how to perform batch updates to the items in your View here.

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