Understanding Documents: Linking vs. Uploading

One of the nice things about LANDSCAPE is being able to attach documents and photos throughout all the various acquisition, stewardship, and disposition activities. Most of the places you can upload documents, you'll see two options:


When you upload a document, a copy of the document file from your local computer is copied onto the LANDSCAPE servers. Whenever you want to view this document, it displays or downloads the copy stored on those servers. 

If you update the document on your local computer, those changes are not automatically reflected in the uploaded document. You have to upload the document again if you want LANDSCAPE to have the updated version. This is why the best practice is to upload archival type documents, such as recorded deeds, rather than "living" documents like a draft of a letter.

A standard LANDSCAPE subscription comes with 100GB of document and photo storage. Most users won't need more than that, but if you do, you have two choices. The first is to upgrade your subscription by purchasing additional blocks of 100GB. Alernatively, if you have online storage through another provider (like Google Drive, DropBox, or Apple iCloud), you could choose to link to those documents instead.


Linking documents provides all the functionality in LANDSCAPE of uploaded documents without using any of storage allotment.

When you click the Link button, you may have options:

By default, you will see the Any Public Link option. Using this option, you can link documents from any publicly available internet address. The key here is that it has to be accessible without a user login! Usually shareable links generated from online storage providers are publicly accessible.

All you have to do is copy the link from your provider and paste it into the dialog box:

If you want to link to documents available only through a password-protected account, your only option at this time is to use Google Drive. To enable the Google Drive integration, click Settings from the top link bar, then click Integrations.

Once you enable the Google Drive integration, the Google Drive option will appear in the link document menu.

You must have a Google account for the Google Drive feature to work.

Clicking Google Drive will start the Google sign in process and Google will ask you to give permission to LANDSCAPE to access your files. 


If you click Allow, A window will open with two tabs: Google Drive and Your Photos. The first will show a searchable list of every document contained in your Google Drive account. The other tab will show the albums in your Google Photos account. 

You can link documents/photos from either of these locations, but if you are linking photos to a LANDSCAPE Map location, you will only want to use photos from the Your Photos page. This is because the links from the Google Drive do not provide thumbnail images that LANDSCAPE can use in its photo list interface.


More providers will be supported in the future. If you provider isn't supported, send us an email at support@dendroyka.com.


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