Project Workflows and Task Groups

Acquiring a property for conservation usually involves numerous steps and managing lots of details. To ensure you cross every T and dot every I, LANDSCAPE provides you with Projects that can manage workflows and task groups.

Task groups are named sets of tasks. For example, you may have a set of tasks related to vetting a project. It may involve doing a site visit of a property, performing a staff review, and getting an approval from a committee or the board of directors. 

If you have an existing Property Acquisition (or any other type of activity) that you would like to manage as a Project, you can create a new Project or start with an existing one.

To create a new Project:

1. From Conservation click the Start New... button on the left side of the window. Choose "Project" from the window that opens.

2. Now that you have a Project created, you can add the activities you wish to manage as "Components". Components may be added individually or many at a time using a query. For now, click the Add button to select the Property Acquisition you wish to manage.

Choose "Add existing" and then search for the Property Acquisition you want to add.


2. Switch to the Workflow page by clicking it on the left side of the window

3. Click Add New Task Group

After you add a new task group, you may rename it by clicking on the name. You can add individual tasks by pressing the Add button.

Tasks in the group may be reordered by clicking and dragging a task to a new location in the list.

Task Groups may be reordered by pressing the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

Completion Triggers

Task groups can be setup to trigger changes to the fields of your activities when all of the tasks in the group are completed. For example, after completing a certain group of tasks, you may want the Stage field of a Property Acquisition to change to a particular value to indicate it has moved to a new stage of the process.

To set the trigger, click Add button in the Completion Triggers section.

Triggers can be set for specific activities in your Project or all of the activities of a certain type.



Saved Workflows

Adding task groups and tasks individually per Project could get tiresome, especially if you tend to do the same sets of tasks for each type of Project. With LANDSCAPE you can define saved workflows which you can then apply to new Projects by pressing the Add Saved Workflow button.

If you click the Manage Workflows menu item, it will open the Settings page that allows you to define your workflows.

Your list of saved workflows appear in this list. Clicking on a workflow takes you to the editor. New workflows may be created by clicking the Add Workflow button at the top of the list, or by cloning existing workflows. Cloning a workflow will make an exact copy of it. This is handy for making small adjustments to existing workflows for different types of Projects.

The workflow editor allows you to set the name of the workflow and the contents of its task groups.

Each task group contains a list of tasks. Each task can have a default Assignee. So, if your organization has a larger team and certain people are always performing certain tasks, you may set them to automatically be assigned the task when you add the workflow to a new Project.


Adding Workflows to Existing Task Groups

If your Project has existing Task Groups and you add a saved workflow to it, you will have the option of replacing all the tasks or adding the new workflow to the end of the existing workflow. Appending workflows may be useful if you want to limit the number of tasks that get assigned to users all at once.

For example, if there is an indefinite period of time between when you project vetting task group may be completed and when another task group may begin, you may choose to create and save more limited task group workflows and append them to your Project as you are ready for them.


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