Adding Species Treatments or Occurrences

When adding geography to stewardship activities you can make note of what plant species was present or treated in that area.

Click on the geography in the map. In the editor that slides out, click the value to the right of the Species label.

The species are selected from an online list of plants that occur within North America. You can search for a species by parts of either its common or scientific name. 

Multiple species can be selected from the list. To remove a species from your selected list, just click the X button to the left of its name. Make sure you click the blue check button at the top right of the entry field to confirm your changes.

You can limit your species searches to specific parts of the United States from Settings/General. One or more states may be selected.


Querying for Species

You can then query for your activities by the species occurrences or treatments they contain.

From Conservation, search for Management Activities (or another Stewardship activity like Monitoring Visits). The fields you want to search are Sub-Activities, then Species. You can search in Common Name or Scientific Name. Make sure to choose "Contains" for your comparison unless you know exactly how the species name is spelled.



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