Stewardship Geography

It is often useful to define geography in your Stewardship that has special meaning. For example, conservation easements will often have special areas defined that have different restrictions than the rest of the property. On a preserve, you may divide the property up into management units. These areas can be defined on the Stewardship map and used for querying and reporting. They also provide context on other maps, such as when you are adding management activities.

Stewardship geography is defined on the map on the Details page of a Stewardship.

The contents on the Geography tab include the Tracts that participate in this Stewardship. You can add new polygons, lines, and points to the map to defined Stewardship-level geography.

The polygons you defined on the map will become available to your queries for Management Activities and Monitoring Visits. Use the Sub-Activities and Location fields.


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