LANDSCAPE Non-Profit Pricing

LANDSCAPE Non-Profit Pricing Effective January 7th, 2017

Pricing is based on the number of active Tracts in your account. A Tract represents a physical parcel of land and contains information related to its location, conservation values, and interest holders. A Tract can participate in any number of activities including Property Acquisition, Stewardship, and Disposition. Active Tracts are ones that have not been divided using the Divide Tract function.

Number of Tracts  Annual Cost
0 - 50 $450
51 - 250 $600
251 - 500 $750
501+ $900


Q. If I start my subscription year with 45 Tracts, then add 6 more at some point during the year, how do I get charged?

A. When you renew your subscription at the end of your year, you will renew at the 51 Tract rate. You will also have a prorated charge for that part of the previous year that you were at 51 or above. For example: 

You start your subscription year on March 1st with 46 Tracts for $450. On October 15th you add your 51st Tract. When you renew on March 1st, your cost will be $600 for the new year plus ~$50 for the part of the prior year that you had 51 Tracts (~4 months * ($50 - $37.50)). Your subscription rate is evaluated on the 1st of every month, so adding tracts in the middle of a month won't update your subscription immediately.


Q. How will I know how many Tracts I'm being charged for?

A. If you are an Account Administrator, the number of Tracts in your subscription and your current subscription rate will be shown in the Your Subscription window accessible from the account button:

Q. If I divide a Tract using the Divide Tract function, will the original Tract count towards my total?

A. No. The original Tract will have a Status of Divided, so it won't be counted.


Q. If I use a Tract for a Property Acquisition, then use the same Tract in a Stewardship, will it count twice?

A. No. only the Tract is counted, not the activities in which it participates.



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