Tasks Window

The Tasks window displays a list of tasks filtered in different ways. By default it will only show all the open tasks assigned to you. The tasks may come from one or more Projects, particular activities, or not be associated with any activity at all.


Clicking on the name of a task will open a view where you can edit its details. However, if you simply want to mark a task as completed, hover over it in the list and click the check button.

Filtering the Task List

The Task list can be filtered to show different tasks. The available filters are showing only tasks assigned to you, showing only incomplete tasks, and showing only tasks that are related to the current activity. The current activity is the activity showing in the main window. Property Acquisitions, Dispostions, Tracts, and Stewardship Activities will all make this filter available.

To enable a filter, press its filter button:


It is important to not that when viewing a Stewardship activity, the "current activity" that the task list will filter based on could also be the current Monitoring Visit or Management Action that is open.

Adding a New Task

If you want to add a new task you may press the plus button to the left of the Task title bar:


The Adding Task window allows you to set the fields for the task.


Relating the Task to an Activity or Project

If the task should be associated with an existing Project or the current activity, you can change the Relate To field. When set to An Active Project, additional fields will appear allowing you to choose a Project and which Component and Task Group to assign the new Task to.



The name of the Component a Task is related to and its Project, if applicable, are links that will aid in navigation. This makes it easy to navigate to the details of particular Projects or other activities.

Searching the List

The list of tasks can be filtered by keyword. Click the search button in the right corner of the tasks window:


A search box will open and you can type the keyword you are looking for there. The Name, Project Name, and Component Name fields will be searched for the keyword.




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