Stewardship Reporting Obligations

If you need to report your stewardship-related activities to a 3rd-party on a regular basis, you can use Reporting Obligations.

From the Details page of a Stewardship Activity, find the Reporting Obligations section. To add a new obligation, click the plus button to the left of the section title:



Frequency and Due Dates

If the Frequency field is set to an even number of years, you may also set a Month and Day due for each year. However, if you set the Frequency to a decimal value, the Month and Day Due fields will not be available.


Adding Reports

Once you have created the Reporting Obligation record, you can start tracking when you send the reports. To add a new Report click on the plus button to the left of the Reports section title.


If you want to track both a Sent On date and a Delivered On date, set the Confirm Delivery field to Yes.

Every time you add a report, the Last Report date in the Reporting Obligation will be updated to to the most recent Sent On date of all the reports.



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