About the LANDSCAPE Mobile App

The LANDSCAPE Mobile App makes field data collection easier by harnessing the features of your mobile device, like location tracking, photo taking, and offline storage. LANDSCAPE Mobile does not fully replicate all the features of the LANDSCAPE browser-based application. Instead, it collects specific kinds of data that synchronize with particular features. Currently LANDSCAPE Mobile will collect data for:

  • Monitoring Visits
  • Baseline Data (Specifically, map data on the Stewardship > Details page)

System Requirements

  • Android 6.0 or later
  • iOS 11 or later

A Special Note About GPS Capabilities

GPS capabilities vary on each device. As a general rule, devices that have mobile data capabilities will also have a dedicated GPS unit that can be used whether or not you have an active data connection. Devices that are advertised as "WiFi-Only" will often only be able to locate your position when there are active WiFi hotspots nearby. These devices most likely won't be able to locate your position when you are away from urban areas.

You don't need to pay for a data plan for your device if you don't want to. If your device has a GPS unit it will work without an active data plan. LANDSCAPE Mobile will work with or without an active data plan or coverage.

However, if your unit does not have a dedicated GPS unit, LANDSCAPE Mobile will not be very useful. Without GPS locations, the app can not show your position in the field, track your location, or even take photos, because photos are directly tied to geography in LANDSCAPE.

Installing the App

LANDSCAPE Mobile can be installed from Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Just search for "Land Conservation Software" to find it.

If you have disabled automatic app updates on your device, make sure to check back at the app store often to see if there are updates available to LANDSCAPE Mobile. 


LANDSCAPE Mobile is free to install on any number of devices. However, your LANDSCAPE subscription must include the Mobile App Connector service in order to collect data. Contact support@dendroyka.com if you would like to add the Mobile App Connector to your subscription. Pricing information is available here.

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