Collecting Monitoring Visit Data with LANDSCAPE Mobile

LANDSCAPE Mobile can help you collect Monitoring Visit data from the field.

Monitoring Visit List


When you open the Monitoring Visits section of LANDSCAPE Mobile, you are presented with a list of Monitoring Visits. The list will only contain visits that have an non-complete Status. The Status that defines when a visit is "complete" is specified in the Settings section of the LANDSCAPE desktop app.

The list may be further filtered based on fields such as the Monitoring Window or Scheduled Date of the visit by selecting a new filter from the "Show" options.

Downloading Visit Data

To ensure you are able to access all the data and basemaps for your visit in the field, you may want to download all the visit data to your device before you head out. To do so, click the blue button next to the name of the visit. 

It may take a while to download all the data, but when it is done, the button's icon will change to indicate the data for the visit is downloaded.


After you have completed a visit and you have a strong data or wifi connection again, you can click the download data button again to "clean up" all the data that was downloaded to your device. This is important to free up space on your device. This process will also initiate a sync of the data you collected in the field to the LANDSCAPE server.

Visit Data Collection

To start collecting data for a visit, click on the visit in the visit list. The visit page will open.


Clicking the Play button will start tracking your location and set the Visit date to today's date.


If you ever want to pause the tracking of your location, click the Pause button. To resume, click the Play button again.

Clicking Stop will stop location tracking, set the end time for your visit, and display the Methods and Summary fields for you to fill in.


Clicking the Location button will open the map of your visit. Click here for details on map functionality.


Clicking the Objectives button will open up the list of Monitoring Objectives for the visit. Objectives that have been answered will have a dark blue icon so you can easily see which have and have not been answered.


Click on an objective to review it and provide an answer.


Clicking the Issues button will open up the list of Unresolved Issues for the Stewardship activity. You can review, add notes, and create new issues from this list.


Clicking the Contacts button will open up the list of contacts for the visit. Included are visit personnel, tract interest holders, and tract associates. Clicking on each person in the list will open up their full contact records, including addresses, emails, and phone numbers. 


Clicking the Documents button will open up the list documents for the visit. Visit documents include any documents uploaded to the Baseline Reports section of the Stewardship activity, the current visit, and the last three visits. You must have an app installed on your device that is able to open the type of document in order to view it.

Taking Photos

The Take Photo button is available in the lower right corner of the window. Click here for more information about the features of the camera.

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