Using the Camera in LANDSCAPE Mobile

The LANDSCAPE Mobile camera takes photos and attaches them to new or existing points on your map.

Taking Photos

Simply click on the Take Photo button in the lower right corner of the app. After you take the photo, you will have the opportunity to add a description and save it, or discard it.

Photo Geography

All photos in LANDSCAPE are tied to geography. The camera will first try to find a point that is nearby your current location and add the photo to it. If there are no nearby points, a new point will be created and the photo will be attached to it.

Photo Files

All of the photos that LANDSCAPE takes will be resized and uploaded to the LANDSCAPE server according your Settings for photo resizing. The full-quality photo will remain on your device in the standard location for photos in a folder called "LANDSCAPE." If you would like to retain the full-quality photos, you can always download them from your device. These photos will also contain the GPS and Compass information that was collected by LANDSCAPE.

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