Using the Map in LANDSCAPE Mobile

The map in LANDSCAPE Mobile consists of a basemap with various selectable layers from your data overlayed. 


Map Options

Selecting Basemaps and Layers

To change the basemap or the visibility of the data layers on the map, click the Options button in the upper right.

There are three basemaps available that come from ESRI: Aerial Imagery, Topographic, and Streets. If your data has been downloaded to be "offline" you will only be able to select the basemaps that have also been downloaded. You can control which basemaps are downloaded from the LANDSCAPE Mobile Settings.

All of the layers that are available are in a list. You may toggle the visibility of each layer individually. 

Showing Your Location

You can show your present location on the map, by selecting Show Current Location. 

Rotating the Map

Turning on Rotate Map with Heading, will cause the map to orient itself in the direction you are facing. This makes it easier to use the map to navigate towards a known location.

Map Location Information

Any location and direction information that is present in the Tract data can be displayed from the map by pressing the Info button in the upper right.

Viewing and Editing Map Data

Some map data properties and even point locations may be edited. The data that can be edited depends on the context of the map. For example, Stewardship and Issue points can not be edited from a Monitoring Visit map. 

To edit the properties of map data, simply tap on it to bring up the details editor. If there are photos attached to the map data, they will be viewable here as well.


Moving Editable Points

If a map point is editable, you may be able to also move its location. To start the move, long-press on the point until a menu appears. 


Select Edit Point Location. Then, you can click on another location on the map and point will move there.

Adding New Points

New points are automatically added to the map when a photo is taken, but if you want to add a point to the map without having to take a photo, long-press on the map where you want to add the point and a menu will pop up.


Select Create Point.

Navigating to Locations

Long-pressing anywhere on the map will open a menu. One of the options is Navigate to Here. If you select that option, the default navigation app on the device will open and provide you directions to that location. This is useful for getting to a property before a monitoring visit, for example.

Deleting Map Data

There is currently no way to delete map data. You must remove the unwanted data using the LANDSCAPE desktop app.

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