Adding Signatures to Reports

If your documents don't require pen & ink signatures it can be a real time-saver to just apply a generated signature. Then, you can print directly to PDF without having to print to paper, sign the document, then scan it back to a PDF in order to upload it back to LANDSCAPE.

Report templates have a special Signature Content Block for this purpose.

To add a Signature Content Block to your template, click the plus button in the location where you want to add it and choose "Signature."



Now click on the signature block in the report template preview to open its editor. In the Data Tags menu, you'll see the various types of fields you can add.


The Signature Line field is added to your content block by default. It uses a handwriting font, but you can change the font and its size using the options in the toolbar. 

This field is replaced by the text the user types for their name or the image file they upload that represents their signature - more on that later.

A typical finished block could look like this:



Filling the Signature Fields

When you generate a report that has a Signature Content Block, the option to "sign" the document will be available in the Print Preview window. Until you sign the document, fields from the Signature Content Block will have placeholders that look like this:





When you press the Sign Document button, you will be presented with a window that asks you to type your name or choose an image file to use for your signature.


Even if you use an image for your signature, you still need to type your name. This is the text that will fill the Printed Name field of the Signature Content Block.

Once you have added a signature image file it will remain in your user profile to use with subsequent reports.

After pressing the OK button, the Signature Content Block placeholder fields will be filled with the appropriate data.


You can now simply print to PDF and your document won't have ever had to touch paper.

This is NOT a "Digital Signature"

It is important to understand that "signing" a document in this way is not the same thing as a "Digital Signature" that would testify to the authenticity of the document or the person signing the it on a specific day and time. You should only use this signing method if you are not concerned that the signatures on the document may one day need to stand up in a court of law.

Currently, if you need a real digital signature on your PDF files, you must use a 3rd-Party service to add the digital signature after the PDF document is created.


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