Differences in Permission Levels Among Users

From Settings > Users
Administrators of LANDSCAPE can choose different levels of access for their users. These levels can be determined by the scope or complexity of your land stewardship program. For example, while each stewardship staff member may have a "User" account, you may want to restrict other staff or board usage to "Read-Only." When working with volunteer monitors you can choose to set up a "Stewardship Volunteer" account for each volunteer, or one account for all volunteers. 
In short, the different permission levels are as follows:
Administrator - view and edit everything
User - view and edit all data except settings
Read-Only User - view everything, edit nothing (including settings)
Stewardship Volunteer - special portal view of Landscape that only show Monitoring Visits and Management Actions
We can talk though the options - just reach out to us at support@dendroyka.com.
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