How to Create a Pending Monitoring List


Creating a customized View for monitoring visits is an efficient way to plan for stewardship monitoring. All contacts can be found on one page, making it easy to schedule out visits with the landowner, create efficient monitoring routes, and assign staff to properties. Staff and volunteers can then search to find which easement properties they have been assigned. All these lists are available for download via spreadsheet or pdf document. Here's how:


Open the Conservation Page and select the “+” for a New View




Expand the Search drop down box, and select “Monitoring Visits”



In the next line below, drop down the "Name" line and Select “Status”



In the same line, choose a value of “Pending”


 Click on “Fields” then select the following:

  • Monitoring Visits Name (already selected)
  • Monitoring Visits Status
  • Tract Active Primary Interest Holders
  • Monitoring Visit Personnel
  • Monitoring Visit Scheduled Date

Now “Refresh” by clicking 8.png




Viola! Results provide a list of Pending Monitoring Visits with current contact information.




To View results as a Map for route planning and distribution, select View as “Map” and click "Refresh"




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