Copy Map Data from one Map to Another

Sometimes you may want to copy the data and photos from one map in LANDSCAPE to another. For example, if you collected data into an Acquisition Site Assessment, you may want to copy that data into the Stewardship activity as baseline data as well.

First, export the data you want from the source map. Use the export button on the map's toolbar:



Select the third option to export a file you can later import into another LANDSCAPE map.


You can choose which layers to copy by clicking the checkboxes next to each desired layer.

Click the Export button. When the export is complete, a link will appear below the button to download the export file.



Navigate to the map you want to import the map data into and click its import map data button.


Select the option to import the .json file you just exported. Then, click the Choose Files button to find the .json file on your computer. Click the Upload button to start the upload process. Click Close when done.



Most maps will accept points, lines, and polygon data. However, the map on the Details page of a Tract will only accept polygon data.

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