Merging Map Points

There are a few different ways to get new data into your LANDSCAPE maps. One of the easiest ways to create new points on a map is to simply import a set of geotagged photos. Doing so will create new points for each photo, but it will try its best to combine multiple photos into a single point if they are "close enough." However, GPS accuracy can be variable in the field when you are taking your photos, so even though you may never have moved from a certain spot as you took photos, the actual GPS location stamped into the photo may have moved around your general location. This can happen when you are taking photos in LANDSCAPE Mobile as well.

If photos that should have been grouped together aren't, they become a little cumbersome to work with in LANDSCAPE, but don't despair! There is now a way to merge points together.

With the pan tool selected, simply click on a point you want to combine with another and then drag it over to the other point. You'll notice the destination point will turn yellow:


Now, drop it and you'll be prompted to merge the two together.

That's it!

The destination point will obtain all the photos from the source point and the source point will be removed from the map.

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