Introducing the LANDSCAPE 2020 Upgrade


A new LANDSCAPE is arriving in early 2020!

So - what's new? 

Welcome to the next generation of LANDSCAPE land conservation software. The clean new layout provides a user-friendly screen and dozens of updated features.

Let's get right into the new layout - including a new color scheme, larger map area, and more efficient use of space. More data is presented on one page, and screen navigation is simplified.  

Plus - edits are now auto-saved. 


 Goodbye, Tracts

One of the biggest changes is that PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS will now be known as PROPERTIES. 

TRACTS will be merged into PROPERTIES as PARCELS. All of the former Tract functionality will be combined into the Property Details page with convenient access to geographic information, contacts, conservation values, and capital funding sources. 

PROPERTIES  will be directly connected to STEWARDSHIP SITES. 


 Less Clicking - a Good Thing

From the PROPERTIES page, you'll have a direct link to stewardship activities by clicking Go To Stewardship Site. This dramatically improves work efficiency and provides direct connection between acquisition of the property and the activities you conduct once you acquire the land. 



 Follow the Money

PROJECTS - a project management tool in LANDSCAPE - has a great new look. You'll now be able to identify your GOALS & BUDGET and track status with the circle progress charts



Budget items, such as surveys, title work, and labor, can be identified in association with the PROJECT goal. 



With so much more to share about the next generation of LANDSCAPE, we'll stop here. Upcoming posts will share additional features with this software update. Are you excited? We are! 



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