Exciting Updates for LANDSCAPE in 2020


With the coming 2020 upgrade, LANDSCAPE is positioned to improve user workflow with fewer clicks, simplified terminology, and a friendly user interface. New tools within the map editor are more flexible and conservation metrics are easily calculated. Property Details are located on one page, with quick links to the Stewardship page. Here are some of the great updates coming in 2020:  

Dashboard Flexibility

Users come to the Dashboard to find a quick summary of key statistics for their organization. With new flexibility on location of dashboard widgets and adjustable sizing, using the Dashboard will be more customizable than ever. Widgets can be simple displays of a value, groupings, charts, or maps. User-defined widgets are based on any query. 



Property Details Layout

Property Details is the landing page for all information on a parcel, removing many of the tabbed locations in the earlier software versions. On one page, users will find the current status of the Property in the header, key parcel statistics, Contacts, Notes, Conservation Values, and Capital Funding sources. 

A big change to LANDSCAPE is the transition from Tracts to Parcel information. Instead of a separate page, Tract information will be merged within the Property Details page as a Location detail. 


 Users can now quickly move to the Stewardship Site by clicking the "Go to Stewardship Site" button. 


Upgraded Conservation Values

Conservation Metrics and Conservation Values will be combined as Conservation Values. Following the new streamlining of the 2020 upgrade, Conservation Values are found on the Property Details page and can be conveniently created or edited right from this page. 


When drawing a polygon or line in the Conservation Values map, the measurements made in the map are auto-calculated and automatically entered as a conservation metric. 



In the example, above, the area of the polygon drawn on the map (5.95) is automatically entered into Conservation Values under "Amount." 




Map Editor

With the new map editor, users can style geography in more flexible ways. 

Map capabilities have improved, especially the ability to view and edit geography with varied colored and styled lines/points/polygons. 




Users will be able to choose what "Map Layers" to display and which basemap to use.



Property Assets

One tab away from Property Details lies Property Assets. This page streamlines a user's ability to store and locate documents, site visits, reports, title work, and other "assets" to create the Property file. 


Also on this page are "All Documents" related to the Property. This is the one-stop location for all uploaded documents and photos for the property. Users will be able to filter any columns, and update the "Display Name" as well. This will be a useful tool to search for only photos or documents. Another exciting upgrade in "All Documents" is the ability to select multiple documents for downloading. mceclip4.png

The upcoming version of LANDSCAPE is just around the corner! Stay tuned for our next article, covering Stewardship and Monitoring and Project Management.










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