New Stewardship & Map Editing in LANDSCAPE


With a streamlined user interface and improved map editing, stewardship and monitoring activities will be simplified in the coming version of LANDSCAPE.  



 Stewardship now highlights several blocks of information on one page: Site Details, Property Info, Contacts, and Obligations. Users can easily return to the Properties page by clicking the "Go to Property" button.


Click within each of these blocks of information to easily add or edit data such as Staff Lead or Contact Information. 

By opening the MAP EDITOR in Stewardship, users can add and edit Stewardship data to your map right from the Stewardship page with the updated editor. 



Back on the WORK tab, users can clearly see Site Visits, the Site Forms available to use during site visits, and Management Plans for the Property.


Inside the Site Visits tab, users can enter information and upload GPS and photo information. Users who opt to use the mobile app will have much of this data automatically uploaded into this location. 


A number of metrics can be entered here, including staff participation, staff time, and related expenses

Another great update to Map Editor in LANDSCAPE : users can now choose different colors and styles to identify features on the map, and easily edit points, lines, and polygons. 



By selecting each feature, users can identify and import photos and documentation. This data can be imported through the mobile app, as well as downloaded into the mobile app for access in the field. 



Look for future webinars to showcase the updates to Landscape. We look forward to introducing you to the updated version of LANDSCAPE in 2020! 

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