Little Green Light Integration

The Little Green Light (LGL) integration enables you to keep your contact names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails in sync with your LGL constituents automatically. 

Enable the Integration

To enable the integration, click the Settings menu at the top of LANDSCAPE. Then, click Integrations on the left menu. Then, check the box next to the Little Green Light integration section.


After selecting LGL, you will be prompted to enter an Access Token:


This token is available from Little Green Light. Log in to your LGL subscription and click the Settings menu, then Integration Settings. On the left towards the bottom in the Other category, click "Landscape."


Now, you can copy the Landscape Access Token from the window by pressing the Copy to Clipboard button.


Now, switch back to LANDSCAPE and paste the token by clicking in the Access Token field and pressing Ctrl+V on your keyboard, or right-clicking on the field and choosing Paste from the menu.

Press the OK button. After your token is successfully processed, the integration is now enabled.


Setting up the Integration

The LGL integration requires some setup. All of your existing LANDSCAPE contacts must be matched to existing LGL constituents. Press the Setup button to begin the process, then click Start Contact Review.



Matching Contacts

LANDSCAPE will step you through each of your existing contacts and display a set of matching constituents it finds in LGL. 


For each LANDSCAPE contact you have three options:

Match: Pressing the Match button on an LGL contact will link the LANDSCAPE contact to that LGL contact. If none of the matching LGL Contacts are the contact you want to match, but you know the contact exists in LGL, you can manually find the Id number of the contact in LGL and paste it into the Manually set matching LGL Id box and press the Match button.

Create New: Pressing the Create New button on the LANDSCAPE contact will result in that contact being created as a new constituent in LGL.

Do Not Sync: Pressing the Do Not Sync button on the LANDSCAPE contact will keep the contact from being synchronized with LGL.

After choosing one of the three options, the next LANDSCAPE contact and its matching LGL constituents will be displayed.


Taking a break

If you have a lot of contacts in LANDSCAPE and you don't want to complete the entire matching process at one time, you can press the Done button at any time. The integration will not be fully enabled and will not synchronize. However, when you come back to the setup process, you can pick up matching where you left off. You won't lose any of the work you already completed.


Initial Synchronization

After you have chosen a matching option for every contact in LANDSCAPE, you can begin the initial synchronization. Press the Begin Initial Sync button.


During initial synchronization, all of the LANDSCAPE contacts that you matched will be integrated into their LGL counterparts. Any addresses, phone numbers, and emails that do not match existing data will be added to the LGL constituent. When any name fields overlap, the data from LGL will be used. The exception to this is the Display Name field in LANDSCAPE, which is not matched to any LGL name field. It will remain unchanged.

The initial synchronization may take some time depending on the number of contacts that are being synchronized. You do not have to stay on the integrations page for the synchronization to progress.

Once the initial synchronization completes successfully, your LANDSCAPE and LGL contacts will remain in sync.


Ongoing Synchronization

As long as the integration is enabled, any changes you make to contacts from within LANDSCAPE will be synchronized automatically with LGL within a minute or two. Changes made in LGL will be automatically synchronized with LANDSCAPE once a day, usually very early in the morning.

If you want to synchronize with changes made in LGL immediately, you can press the Sync Now button:




Synchronizing New LGL Constituents

If you add new constituents to LGL or you just want to synchronize existing LGL constituents with LANDSCAPE, you need to set their LANDSCAPE Status category to Sync.

There are multiple ways to change a constituent's LANDSCAPE Status category in LGL. You can edit one constituent at a time by searching for the constituent, then clicking the Edit Categories button.


You can change the LANDSCAPE Status of many constituents at once by creating a search, then selecting the constituents you want to change, and selecting Update categories from the More actions button.


Constituents you set to Sync will be added to LANDSCAPE on the next synchronization.


Field Mapping

Most of the LANDSCAPE contact fields map nicely to their LGL counterparts. There are a few exceptions.

Display Name: LANDSCAPE's Display Name field isn't transferred over to LGL. 

Address, Phone Number, and Email Names: LANDSCAPE's names for these items don't transfer to LGL. So, if you have a contact with a phone number named "Jerry's Work," you will only see that name reflected in LANDSCAPE. In LGL, the Type of the phone number will be one of the available phone number types.


Deleting a Contact record

If you delete a contact record in Landscape (via Views --> All Contacts) it will not be deleted in LGL.  Keep in mind that rather than deleting an active contact, we usually recommend adding an 'End Date' to the parcel contact record. The contact will then appear as an 'Inactive Contact', allowing you to preserve a record of their past relationship with the property. Deleting a contact record is usually reserved for eliminating erroneous or duplicate records.


'When my records have been synchronized, what will I see in LGL vs. Landscape?'

Along with the basic contact data (address, phone numbers, and emails), you will be able to see LGL contact reports appear as communication records in Landscape. From LGL, you will be able to see communication records appear as contact reports. No Landscape-specific fields are shown in LGL, meaning the 'Landowner' / 'Grantor' tags that you use in Landscape will not be shown. Landscape displays the following LGL categories at the bottom of each synchronized contact record:



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