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Landscape is a comprehensive application for managing your land conservation projects. It can help you keep track of all your important dates, data, and electronic documents in a single location where everyone in your organization has easy access to it.


Landscape organizes your data into Properties and Stewardship Sites.  Properties represent a legal interest you hold, or would like to hold, on land. Stewardship Sites organize one or more Properties (or portions of a Property called Parcels) into a unit for the purposes of stewardship-related activities, such as land management or easement monitoring.

Properties and Parcels

Properties are your record of a legal interest you take in one or more pieces of land. The particular piece of land you hold an interest on can be further organized into Parcels. In most cases you will have a single Parcel in a Property, but you may find certain situations where you need multiple Parcels in a single Property.

A Parcel does not have to align with your local taxing authority "parcel" boundaries. In fact, a single Parcel in Landscape can represent any number of those kinds of "parcels." A Parcel in Landscape usually will represent land under single ownership. So, a common example of when you may have multiple Parcels in a Property is when an easement Property is subdivided and sold to multiple landowners.

Stewardship Sites

When you hold a Property you will likely want to track the activities you undertake to manage or "steward" that Property. In Landscape you do this with a Stewardship Site. The Stewardship Site is a container for all the things you do to care for your Property.

Common Scenarios

Stewardship Sites can be structured in flexible ways. Here are a few common scenarios:

One easement Property, with a single Parcel inside a single Stewardship Site.

This is the most common scenario. You hold a single Property that has a single Parcel and you manage it as a single unit. There is nothing fancy about this structure and it is the one you will likely use most often.

One fee simple Property, with a single Parcel inside a shared Stewardship Site.

In this scenario you may have a nature preserve that you have grown over time by acquiring new lands and adding them to the preserve. In Landscape each individual land acquisition would be a separate Property (and likely a single Parcel). But, instead of creating a new Stewardship Site for the property, you would add it to the existing Stewardship Site that represents the nature preserve. You would continue to manage the preserve as a single unit even though you have added new land to it.

One easement Property, subdivided into Two Parcels each with its own Stewardship Site.

In this scenario you may have acquired an easement Property as a single Parcel, but it has subsequently been divided and part of it has been sold to a new landowner. Each of the Parcels can be included in their own Stewardship Sites so the monitoring, issues tracking, etc. can be managed individually for each landowner.

For more on the differences between Stewardship Sites and Properties, as well as some more scenarios, click here.

Create a new Property

To create a new a property start on the Home page and click the Create button:



Make sure to give your new property a name:




Learn more about the basics of Properties here.  You can also watch a video on how to create a simple property record here, or download a full 'Map of Landscape' to help you get oriented.

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