Property Basics

Property represents the legal interest you hold, or would like to hold, on a piece of land.

Property Details

The Property Details section of a Property contains basic information about the Property.

Status, Stage, and Interest



The information buttons that appear in this section depend on the Status of the Property. The Status of a Property is a critical piece of a data that you will want to query on later. It is also the main field that determines what you see in the built-in Dashboard Widgets.

The available Statuses are:

Active: The Property is in the active process of being acquired.

Inactive: The Property was once being acquired, but is no longer for whatever reason. Keeping a Property around but in an Inactive Status allows you to easily pick up where you left off if you need to in the future.

Current Holding: You currently hold a legal interest in the Property.

Partner Holding: You helped a partner acquire the interest in the Property, but you never held the legal interest yourself. Many organizations structure conservation deals in this way.

Disposed: You once held a legal interest in the Property, but you have since sold, assigned, or otherwise disposed of your interest.

If the Status of the Property is Active you will have access to the Stage field:


Stage is a customizable field that you can use to track the process of your acquisition of the Property with more specificity. In this case the Property stage is set to 'inquiry'.

Interest is the legal interest you hold, or hope to hold, on the land. You can also customize the items available in this list to suit your needs.



Location and Parcels

 The Location/Parcels and People section contains information about where the land is geographically. If you have a single Parcel, which is the initial state for a new Property, the heading of the section will be Location:


However, if you add more Parcels, the section will change to a list of those Parcels and its heading will be Parcels and People:


When you are using multiple Parcels in your Property, you must click into each Parcel to see the location and Contact information.



Acquiring a legal interest in a Property typically results in the generation of data and numerous documents. All of these data and documents are called Assets in Landscape. You can view all of your Assets on the Assets tab of the Property:


Assets on this page are grouped by their type. There are many types of Assets built-in to Landscape. If you have other documents or data you want to capture as part of the acquisition process, you can use the generic Property Asset type.

To add a new Asset to the list, click the Add Asset button:



Adding a Property to a Stewardship Site

When you are ready to start caring for your Property you can add it to a Stewardship Site. On the Details tab in the Location section, click the Add to a Stewardship Site button:


Learn about the activities you can track with a Stewardship Site with this article


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