Monitoring Obligations Map Widget

Here's how to make a map for your dashboard to help you keep track of which properties still need monitoring.*
*This method will only work if you're filling out the 'Completed On' date under you Annual Monitoring Obligations -- It doesn't look at the Site Visits themselves.

1. Make a copy of the existing Property Map widget and give it a name. 

 Click the Dashboard button on the far left of the Landscape Home screen, then click the 'copy' button next to the Property Map widget.




A window will open to start editing your widget.   Give your widget a cool name, then select the edit button.



2. Customize the query

Now it's time to edit the query to tell Landscape what to look for when it's making your map.  The first thing to do is change the list dropdown menu to Stewardship Sites instead of properties.


When you choose it, you'll notice that the map disappears.  That's OK! We'll address that in a moment.

Next, click the dropdown menu in the query and find 'Obligations'.  Expand it by pressing the (+) button, and then click 'Completed On'.


Change the following field that says 'Is Not' to 'Is' (if it doesn't already) and leave the last field blank.

Your query should now look like this:


You're asking Landscape to pull out all Obligations that have an empty completed on date.  

Click the check mark to the left of Stewardship Sites to save. 

Almost there!  Once you click the check box, you can click the 3 dots to the left of where it says 'Stewardship Site Results' and choose 'Display as Map'.


Note: The fields that you add in the view will be the fields that appear in the popup when you click on a map item.

3. Drag, drop, repeat!

Neat!  Now you have a map for your Dashboard of all Obligations which haven't been completed.  Perhaps you also learned something about queries along the way (sorry if that wasn't in the description!).  Of course, if you've added more obligations on top of monitoring, those will show up too.  

Your widget will appear at the bottom of your dashboard.  Click and drag the bottom right corner to resize it, and click and drag the widget window to put it to where you want it (this usually takes some fiddling -- mind the green box).  Using a similar process, you can create maps which filter and display all kinds of stuff.  Here's what my Easement Stewardship Dashboard looks like:


Have fun!

PS - if you need help on what the queries for those other two cool map widgets look like, here are screenshots of both of them:







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