What's included in the onboarding service?

For organizations who don't want to enter their data by hand, we offer an onboarding service on a sliding scale.  This includes:

  1. Consultation about data structure in Landscape and how your data can best fit within the Landscape framework.  You send or give us access to your digital data (spreadsheets, shapefiles, Access databases, etc.).
  2. Importing of the following data, often in distinct batches as we work out the kinks and fine tune everything according to your needs:
    • Property data
    • Contact data
    • Monitoring Data
    • GIS data
  3. Three one-hour follow-up training sessions, covering whatever you need, but most often touching on Stewardship, Projects, and the Mobile App.  We find that organizations often have a number of questions as they're just getting started which can be most easily answered in a screen-share meeting format.

Following that, any additional batch imports will require special programming, but are available for an additional hourly fee. 

What data are you able to import?

The following highlighted fields are all included in the basic import.  All of the information is not required for the upload -- often organizations have only some of the possible data in spreadsheet form. Additional data, such as information on funding, violations, or conservation values can also be brought over.

 If you have questions about these fields, these articles on Properties and Getting Started should help.

Property Information


(Property Name, Property Status, Property Interest, Acquired Acres, Acquisition Method, Alias, Categories, Description, Count towards success, Purchase Price, Appraised Value, Donated Value, External ID, Started On Date, Acquired On Date, Recording Information) 

Parcel Details



(Acres, Project Area, State, County, Local Jurisdiction, PLSS, Parcel IDs (Tax IDs), Address, Directions, Narrative Description, Legal Description)

Stewardship Site Information


(Status, Categories, Description, Access Instructions, Ext. ID) - This data included with the initial property upload.


Contact Information


(Tags, Start Date, End Date, Display name, First, Middle, Last, Organization, Title, Contact Notes, Salutation, Alternate Salutation, Addressee, LGL/External ID, Address: Type, Address, City, State, Post Code, Country, Phone Numbers: Type, Number, Emails: Type, Email address.

Monitoring Data*


*If your monitoring form data is available in spreadsheet form, we can import that as well.



GIS shapefiles for all of your properties can be uploaded all at once.  We just need either:

1.  One shapefile of all of your properties, with an attribute field which matches a distinguishing ID field from the basic property import (like property name or number).


2.  Multiple shapefiles of all of your properties, but they must also contain an attribute which contains a distinguishing ID from the basic property import.



 Here's the all the data you can import in list form, in case it's useful:

Basic Property Info
Property External Id
Property Name
Property Alias
Property Interest
Property Current Size
Property Acquired Size
Property Status
Property Stage
Acquisition Method
Property Categories
Count In Success
Purchase Price
Appraised Value
Donation Value
Property Description
Property Notes
Acquisition Start Date
Acquisition End Date
Property Disposition Date
Property Recording Info
Parcel External Id
Parcel Name (if different from Property)
Parcel Size (if multiple parcels in property)
Parcel Description
Parcel Directions
Parcel Address
Parcel Project Areas(s)
Parcel County(ies)
Parcel Local Jurisdiction(s)
Parcel State(s)
Parcel TaxIds
Parcel PLSS
Parcel Landowner External Id
Parcel Landowner First Name
Parcel Landowner Last Name
Parcel Landowner Company
Parcel Landowner Address Label
Parcel Landowner Address Street
Parcel Landowner City
Parcel Landowner State
Parcel Landowner Zip
Parcel Landower Email Label
Parcel Landowner Email
Parcel Landowner Phone Label
Parcel Landowner Phone
Stewardship Site External Id
Stewardship Site Name
Stewardship Status
Stewardship Site Categories
Stewardship Site Access Instructions
Stewardship Site Description


Contact Info
Property External Id
Parcel External Id
Contact Tags
Start Date
End Date
Contact External Id
Contact Display Name
Contact Addressee
Contact First Name
Contact Middle
Contact Last Name
Contact Salutation
Contact Organization
Contact Title
Contact Address 1 Label
Contact Address 1 Street
Contact Address 1 City
Contact Address 1 State
Contact Address 1 Postal Code
Contact Address 1 Country
Contact Address 2 Label
Contact Address 2 Street
Contact Address 2 City
Contact Address 2 State
Contact Address 2 Postal Code
Contact Address 2 Country
Contact Address 3 Label
Contact Address 3 Street
Contact Address 3 City
Contact Address 3 State
Contact Address 3 Postal Code
Contact Address 3 Country
Contact Phone 1 Label
Contact Phone 1
Contact Phone 2 Label
Contact Phone 2
Contact Phone 3 Label
Contact Phone 3
Contact Email 1 Label
Contact Email 1
Contact Email 2 Label
Contact Email 2
Contact Email 3 Label
Contact Email 3


Site Visit Data (Monitoring)
Stewardship Site External Id
Visit External Id
Visit Name
Visit Type
Visit Status
Visit Notified Date
Visit Start Date
Visit End Date
Visit Methods
Visit Summary
Visit Notes
Personnel Role
Personnel Hours
Personnel Contact External Id


Questions?  Feel free to reach out to support at any time!





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