Managing Contacts

Managing your contacts is a key component of managing your conservation data.  Keeping track of a person's relationship to a property, and the details and duration of that relationship, is one of the key functions of Landscape.

Contacts in Landscape do not typically stand alone -- they are almost always associated with parcels.  If a property or stewardship site is comprised of one parcel, you can see the active contacts listed on those respective pages.

To create a new contact, navigate to the property, parcel, or stewardship site that you want associated with that contact.  If you can't see a list of active contacts or an option to add one, it's because you're in a record with multiple associated parcels.


After you press the (+) button, you'll be prompted to either create a new contact or choose an existing one.  If your contact already exists in the database, then click "choose existing contact", begin typing the contact's name in the search bar that appears, and click enter, then select the correct contact.


If you want to create a new contact, just click 'OK'.  

You can then enter all of the data you have for that contact. If you have different phone numbers, email addresses, or addresses for a contact, you can enter those by pressing the (+) button.  


Clicking the check mark next to an entry will designate it as the primary.  You can change the drop down menu 'type' to match the type of entry you're making.


Contact Documents

Contacts records can have documents associated with them.  Usually this is a place to store documents which describe the relationship between the property and contact, like a deed.  

Definitions & Fields

Display Name - how the name appears in Landscape.  It is most often first and last name (if an individual) and/or the organization / company name. This is the field that Landscape searches by, so be sure to include the company/organization name in the display name if you want to search by it.

Title - A person's position at a company or organization.

Salutation - How you would refer to that person in a letter.  "Dear (salutation),".  Or "Hi (salutation)".  Commonly a first name, or "Mr./Ms. Smith"

Addressee - The name / names which will appear on an address label.  "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" or "John and Jane Smith" or "Law Offices of John and Jane Smith"

Little Green Light ID - If you have LGL integration, this number is that individual's ID number in LGL.  Otherwise, it is the Landscape ID number.

Communication Tags - Intended to be used to flag common tags, like 'Do Not Email' or 'Do Not Call'.  Communication Tags can be added/removed via Settings --> List Items --> General. 

FAQ: How do I enter couples?

Most often, we recommend only one entry for a couple.  Choose one individual to enter as First and Last name, then enter both names in Display Name, Salutation, and Addressee.

How do I enter an organization, or a person affiliated with an organization?

That depends.  If you have multiple contacts at an organization, you may choose to enter the organization as a standalone entry, with Display Name as the organization's name.  You can then have separate contact entries for individuals at that organization.  However, for smaller organizations where you normally interact with the same person, you may want the contact entry to look more like this:


Where the first and last name of the individual associated with the organization is recorded in First and Last name fields, and their first and last name are in parentheses after the organization name in the Display Name field.  Including both the organization name and the person's name in the display name field will allow you to use the Landscape search bar to find the entry regardless of which name you search by.

Click here to learn about how to use contact tags to manage a contact's relationship with your organization.


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