Advanced Views: 'Expand and Filter Results'

Occasionally, you may want to pull data from two different list categories when creating a view.  For example, you may want a view which shows basic property information along with the landowner's email address.  This is potentially problematic, because those two things 'live' in different lists in Landscape.  Enter: 'Expand and Filter Results'.

By using the option to Expand and Filter Results, you can reach from one list into another 'adjacent' list.  Since properties are connected to active contacts, we can look at both lists when creating this view.

First, create a view with the appropriate first category.  In this case, 'Properties'.


Click the gear icon next to the category, and click 'Expand and Filter Results"


Now you can choose the next category you'd like to search.  In this case, it's active contacts.


Check that your queries are correct, then click the check mark to apply the view.

Click on the three dots and select 'Choose Fields'


You can now display fields from both Properties and Active Contacts.



Don't forget to save your view when your done.




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