Contact Tags


Contact Tags are the easiest way to define a contact's relationship with a property.  Use tags to designate Grantors, Landowners, Caretakers, Abutters, and Co-holders of co-held easements to name just a few.  A contact can have multiple tags (Landowner, Grantor is common) or just one.  If that contact's relationship with a property ends, we recommend making that contact inactive, rather than deleting the contact altogether.

To change a tag, navigate to the contact page and enter the tag in the top field.


By default, every new contact is given the 'Landowner' tag.  You can change the list of available tags via  Settings --> List Items --> Properties.  You can also type in a tag that isn't on that list, but we recommend editing the list itself, as it will result in fewer errors (like someone classifying one contact as 'Land Manager' and another using the tag 'Manager').


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