How to edit layer geography

Step 1: Navigate to the layer source

In most cases, you will need to be in the correct layer source in order to be able to edit the layer.  For example, if you'd like to edit the geography of a Site Visit, you'll need to go to that Site Visit record.  To edit Stewardship Site Geography, you'll need to be on the main Stewardship Site page, etc.  To draw a Property Boundary from scratch, you'll want to edit the layer called "(Property Name) Boundary" under the 'Parcel Boundaries' layer group.

In the following screenshots, I'll edit an existing 'special use area'..

Step 2: Click the 'Layers' button on the map toolbar.



Step 3: Click the three dots next to the layer and select 'Edit Layer'




If you cannot select 'Edit Layer' it means you're attempting to edit an aggregate layer (like 'All Properties' or 'Site Boundaries'), or you're in the wrong location to change the layer you want to edit.  Make sure you've navigated to the correct site in Landscape to edit the layer, then try again.

Step 4:  Edit the layer

The edit feature bar that opens has a few different tools -- you can (1) import a feature, (2) create/draw a new feature, (3) delete a feature, (4) copy a feature from another layer, (5) save or (6) cancel your edits. 



Click and drag the vertices or points to move them.  Click an existing vertex to delete it.  Click on a faded vertex to create a new one.  Click the thumbs up when you're done to save your edits, or the thumbs down to cancel them.


Tip:  If you can't see the vertices, try zooming in.




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