Inactive Contacts

When a contact's relationship with a property ends, you often want to retain the records associated with that contact, as well as note when that relationship ended.  Designating an active contact as 'inactive' enables you to filter out these contacts when viewing lists of contacts, but lets you keep all of the information for the contact.

To begin, navigate to the property or parcel associated with the active contact, and click the 'edit contact' button at the top of the entry:


At the top of the contact record, under 'Property Contact', add an end date.


Once an end date is added, the contact will be labeled as 'inactive' in the property record.


Adding an end date is the only way to designate a contact as inactive.  If you're unsure of when the transition occurred, we recommend entering your best guess, and then noting that the date is approximate in the contact notes field.


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