Adding a Communication

Once a contact is added as an active contact to a property, all communications associated with that active contact will appear in the 'Communications' list of the property.  You can add a communication for a property by clicking the (+) button next to communication.  


Type in the communication content, and add the person who the communication was with under person (start typing to begin searching your contact list, or click the plus button to add a new contact).  Update the date and type as necessary: 


If you need to attach an email or document to the communication, click on the mceclip1.png button to the left of the communication.

From here, you can update who communicated with the person (set as the user who entered it by default) and you can attach documents by clicking on the (+) button to the left of Documents:



Tip:  If you'd like to see only communications that are associated with the property record you're viewing, click the filter button. 


Communications can also be created from within an active contact record.  Communications created in this way will not be associated with a property.


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