Common shapefile import errors

Error 1: Improper geography

Most errors that occur when importing shapefiles are a result of the shapefiles containing geography that Landscape can't read. 


A single point cannot complete two edges of a polygon, as is the case where the green 'x' is marked above.  

If the error is being caused by the two edges meeting at a single point, you'll need to divide that point in two - one for each edge.  

Also, a polygon cannot overlap itself.  

Often, you can see the offending points or edges in your in-house GIS editor.  Eliminate them, then try the upload again.  If the shapefile is too large to review the vertices, try to redraw the polygon using a transformation tool (like enlarging or rotating the shape by a negligible amount) and then re-importing.  Also, some GIS programs have a 'Fix Geometries' tool, which attempts to remedy common issues.

Error 2: "No shapefiles were found"


If you have an error that doesn't have to do with the geography, check that all of the necessary files are there.  The contents should look something like this:


Error 3: "File failed to convert"


You're attempting to import the wrong type of geography.  For instance, you're trying to import an polygon/area feature into a line feature, or a point into a line.



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