Adding a form template to multiple Stewardship Sites

If you'd like to use a form template for multiple properties, for example, a fee monitoring form for all fee properties, you can do so using views.

First, create the form you want to use.  You can watch this video if you don't know how.

Next, create a view of the stewardship sites that you want to populate with the forms.  In this case I just used the filter button and selected 'Fee'.


Click the top check box if you'd like to select all records, or select them one by one:


Click the edit button 


Select the box that says 'Add to form library', select the correct form from the drop down menu under 'Form' and the type of visit to associate that form with under 'Visit Type'. Click OK.  It will ask you to confirm. Click 'Yes'.


That's it!  Those form templates now happily reside in their respective form libraries:


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