Adding a Property to a Stewardship Site and creating a new Stewardship Site

Adding a Property to a new or existing Stewardship Site

Method 1:

If there is only one parcel in the property, from the Property page, click 'Add to a Stewardship Site'


If there are multiple parcels within a property, you can select parcels using the check boxes and then click the leaf button (2) to add all checked parcels, or the 'Add to a site' (1) button to add just one.


A window will open.  If you want to add the parcel(s) to an existing Stewardship Site, you can select a site by typing in the text box.  No need to press enter -- the box automatically filters based on what you're typing.  Click on the correct Stewardship Site and click 'OK'.


If you want to create a new Stewardship Site, just click 'New Site'.  The new Stewardship Site will inherit the name of the Property.


Method 2:

You can also add a property to a Stewardship Site from within an existing site.  

From the Stewardship Site main page, click on the three dots next to 'Property Parcel Details' and select 'Add another Property'


In the window that opens, begin typing the name of the property you want to add, and it will automatically begin filtering results.  Choose the correct Property, and then choose the correct parcel within that Property.  You can also choose 'All' to add all parcels which exist within the property. Click 'OK' to add the Property.






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