Landscape Walkthrough: Article by Article

For new Landscape users (or those who need a refresher) here's list of knowledge base articles in an order we think will help you become proficient with the software.  We strongly recommend that you go through the workflow of each article yourself in Landscape using test or actual records.

If you deal primarily with project management but not with property stewardship, you can probably skip sections 3 and 5, and you'll probably want to do a deeper dive into the Projects section of the Knowledge Base.  If you deal primarily with stewardship, it's best to focus on Stewardship Sites, understanding the app and monitoring workflow, and mapping.  You should still have some knowledge of how Projects work in case you want to integrate them into your workflow.

*Before you get started:  Adding users and setting up user permissions

1.  Getting Started

     a.  Why split Stewardship Sites and Properties?
     b.  Properties, Parcels, and Stewardship Sites (infographic)

2.  Property Basics

     a.  Creating a New Property (video)

3.  Stewardship Site Basics

     a.  How Monitoring Reports work in Landscape (infographic)
     b.  Forms (video)
     c.  Monitoring App (video)

4. Managing Contact information

    a. Contact Tags
    b. Managing Communications

5.  Mapping Basics

    a. Editing layer geography
    b. Changing layer appearance
    c. Importing layer geography from .shp or other format


    a.  Creating Views using filters
    b.  Creating Views using queries 

7. Reports (video)

    a.  Report blocks breakdown

8. Projects

    a.  Using Tasks and Alerts
    b.  Tracking funding, budgets, and expenses

Other important skills:

How to customize list items
How to delete a Property, Project, or Contact
How to customize your Dashboard



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