How to copy data from one map to another


There are two methods for copying layer data from one layer to another in Landscape:

1) You can use the 'copy' function of the layer editor. This is good for copying shapes from custom service layers. 

2) You can export the data and re-import it into the layer you want. This is preferred if you're moving photopoints and photos from one site visit to another

Method 1: Use the 'Copy' layer tool

Step 1: Navigate to the target layer

Navigate to the layer you wish to copy the geography into. For example, if you'd like to copy a parcel boundary from a service layer into a parcel boundary, navigate to that particular property record.  Choose the three dots next to the target layer and click 'edit layer':




Step 2: Click the Copy button on the edit toolbar, and choose the layer you wish to select from:

Click the 'Copy' button on the edit toolbar


Choose the layer you wish to copy from.  In this case, I'd like to copy from my 'Parcels' custom service layer, which is displaying all of the parcels in my region:




Step 3: Choose the features and click OK


Select the features using ctrl (or command) key + click and drag to select one or multiple features.  Click 'OK' to confirm your choice, or 'No' to make another selection.  Remember to click the thumbs up when you're done to save your edits.  You can also use the thumbs down to cancel the operation.






Method 2: Exporting / Importing the Map Data

Step 1: Export the data

First you'll need to navigate to the map that contains the data you're looking for.  For example, if you accidentally recorded a site visit within a Stewardship Site rather than within a Site Visit, navigate to the Stewardship Site page.  In these screenshots, I'll copy one site visit's photo points to another.  

Click the layers button (1), then the three dots to the left of the layer you want to export (2), then click 'Export Data' (3).


Select 'Geography and photos for importing into another LANDSCAPE map' and click 'OK'.


A text file will download to your computer, named something like "Geography Export 637341524841501754.txt"


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to delete the points from this layer, do not do so until you've imported the data into a new layer. Doing so will result in the loss of any photos that are attached to your geography.


Step 2: Import the data into the new layer

Navigate to the page with the geography you want to import. For example, if you want to import the data into a site visit, go to the site visit itself (not just the page with the list of site visits).  Similarly, if you want to import the data into an issue, navigate to the issue itself (not just the 'Status' tab).  It may be the case that you have to create the item you wish to import.

From the map pane, click the three layers to the left of target layer and select 'Edit Layer'.  You may have to add the layer to the map first.  



Click the import button



Choose 'A file exported from other map', and click 'Choose File' and select the file that you just exported. Click 'OK'.




The geography (along with photos, if they were a part of it) is now imported.  The final step is to save your work.




Click on the thumbs up to save your edits:




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