Reviewing Reports

If your monitoring workflow requires supervisor approval or review on a report, you can easily add multiple signatures to reports and then send it to a supervisor for a final signature and approval.  

A report can be sent to different users without a signature block, but it makes sense to include one if you want to record the details of the final approval.

Step 1: Add multiple signature blocks to your report.

You can add as many signature blocks as are needed for your workflow. For this example, we'll just have two: one for the monitor, and one for the supervisor.  

To begin, I created a copy of the existing monitoring report and renamed it.  This way, I can generate either kind of report depending on what I want.

From the report template editor, go to where you want to add the new signature block, click the 'Add Block' button and select 'Signature'.


Build the new signature block.  You can copy fields directly from the existing signature block if you'd like. I put the supervisor signature block inside of a single cell 'table' to help separate it within the report.  Here's the final result: 



Step 2: Signing and Sending the report:

Generate the report from an existing site visit.  The signature blocks appear like this: 


To sign the report before you send it off, click 'Click to Sign' where you'd like to sign.  Enter the relevant data.


Now you're ready to send the document.  Click on the paper airplane in the upper left of the screen where it says 'Send For Review'.


The 'Send for Review' box will appear.  Select a reviewer to send the report to.  You are able to select from the list of available users. If you'd like to test the feature, you can send it to yourself:


A dialog box will let you know that the report was sent successfully:


Step 3: Adding second signature and saving the document

The report will now appear in Landscape 'mailbox' of the user you sent it to.  The mailbox is available from most screens in Landscape:




Clicking on the mailbox will display all of the reports that have been sent to you for review.




Click on the report you'd like to add the final signature to.  From here you can add comments and send it back to the original or other users, or finalize and save it (more on this workflow in the next section).


If you're ready to finalize the report, click the appropriate 'Click to Sign' box and add your signature.




Now that both signatures have been added, you need to save the final .pdf to the correct location.  This can easily be done by clicking the .pdf page icon in the toolbar:




Check the box that says 'Add PDF file(s) to documents list', and click OK. 




After the .PDF is generated, you will be shown the final report.  Since you added the .pdf to the documents list, it will be automatically attached to the site visit it belongs to:




Adding comments, regenerating the report, tracking your sent reports

Adding Comments and Regenerating the Report

Click the comments button in the upper left to add a comment to the document.  This can be useful if you need the creator of the report to make edits to the data before sending it back.  

*Note: Comments will not be saved with the final document. They exist only with the draft report.




Use the 'Comments' section that opens to add comments. 



After you add comments, you can send the report back to another user by using the paper airplane button.  The comments will appear alongside this version of the report whenever a user views it. 

If edits need to be made to the data, a user can click on the 'regenerate' button to regenerate the report after the data has been changed. This keeps the report in the review workflow without the need to delete and regenerate a report review.  For example, if a form response question needs to be changed, you could go to the site visit record, update the form response, navigate back to the report draft and click 'Regenerate'. The new responses will then appear in the regenerated report.


Discarding the Report (removing it from your mailbox)

Once you're done with the review/save process, you'll need to discard the report.  Click on the trash can icon to remove the report from your mailbox. 



A dialog box will open asking you to confirm the removal.  If you've saved the report to the correct location, or if you're done with the review process, click 'Yes'.  This only removes the report from your mailbox, and won't remove it from any saved locations.




Viewing your sent reports

If you'd like to see the reports you've sent out but are in other user's mailboxes, you can see a rundown of those reports from the reports tab under 'report reviews', or you can click on the mailbox icon and select the 'Sent Reports' button.

You can click on any of the results and see comments, regenerate the report, or delete it from there.



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