How to Upload Photos From the Landscape Mobile App

After you complete your Site Visit(s) using the Mobile App, you'll want to upload any photos you took to Landscape so they can be mapped, reviewed, and added to the final report.

*A reminder:  Site Visits work best if you download a Stewardship Site for offline use before the visit, and then remove the offline data when you are done.  

New version of the App (2021 - 'Landscape Mobile 3'):

If your phone isn't connected to wifi, the synchronization status will have a red badge.  Tapping on it will tell you that you need to check your network connection.





Once you are connected to WiFi, tap the 'sync' button.  Landscape will tell you the synchronization status. You can then tap 'Sync Now'.






If you took a lot of photos, they may take a while to upload. If you receive any errors, double check your connection and try again.  If you're unable to synchronize, you can still upload the photos by importing them manually.


Old version of the App ('Mobile 2'):

Update 9/18/2021 -- This version of the App is no longer supported. You must update to the new version in order to perform site visits.

Step 1: Connect your device to WiFi.

To save data, the app will not upload photos unless connected to a wireless network.


Step 2: Synchronize the App.

If the Landscape App is closed, open it.  The number in the upper righthand corner of the screen shows the number of photos that need to be uploaded.  If this number is zero, the photos have already synchronized.



If you're on WiFi, the App should synchronize automatically. If not, swipe down from the top of the list to force a sync.  Click on the mceclip1.png to check the synchronization status-- It will say if there are any photos to upload, errors, or if all of the data has been sync'd. The photo number should be zero after synchronizing.


Step 3 (recommended): Remove offline downloads.

Click on the mceclip2.png icon next to the record you're done with. This will only remove the data for offline use on your device, and will not affect your data on Landscape.  The icon becomes a mceclip4.png.



"My photos appear to have uploaded, but I can't find them or my Site Visit".

It's likely that you collected the data at the Stewardship Site, Property, or Property Site Visit level, rather than creating a Site Visit from within a Stewardship Site (the recommended workflow for monitoring visits).

Step 1: Check the Property geography.

First go to the Property record, open the map layers and turn on Property points.  If your photos appear, follow these instructions to copy them to a Site Visit.


Step 2: Check the Property Assets for a Site Visit.

If your Site Visit and photos are there, use these instructions to copy the data to the correct location:



Step 3: Check Stewardship Site Geography

Go to the Stewardship Site and check the "Stewardship Site Points" for your photos. Use these instructions to copy them to the correct location.










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