How to Link Stewardship Obligations and Site Visits


There is not always a direct connection between a Site Visit and an Obligation, but if you want there to be for the purposes of Annual Monitoring (or anything else), there's a way to do so.

You can link any Site Visit status with any Obligation, but most commonly this will take the form of setting the Annual Monitoring date to automatically update when a Site Visit is marked as 'Completed'.  Accounts set up since 10/30/2020 will have this enabled automatically. 

This only works in one direction -- from Site Visits --> Obligations.  Adding a completed date to an obligation will not update the Site Visit status. Also, the obligation's completed date will not be removed if the Site Visit status is changed back from completed.  

Accounts that existed before that date will need to follow these instructions.  You will need administrator privileges:

Step 1: Choose which Site Visit Status to associate with the update

Go to Settings --> List Items --> General and scroll to 'Site Visit Statuses'.  

The star icon that is chosen designates the default status.  The check marks designate which status will trigger the event.  Most likely, you want the star next to 'Not Started' to be selected, and the check mark next to 'Completed' selected.  



Step 2: Set up the Obligation

Go to the 'Stewardship Sites' section of Settings --> List Items.

Click on the check mark next to the obligation that you want to link to the Site Visit status update.  Most likely, this is 'Annual Monitoring'.



A window appears. Select the type of Site Visit you want to associate with the obligation update (probably 'Annual Monitoring').



The check mark next to 'Annual Monitoring' will now be highlighted:



The obligation will now automatically fill in the 'completed on' date when you complete the appropriate type of site visit.  


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