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The search bar is the best and quickest way to navigate to a record.  Here's how it works, and a couple of tricks you may not know.


When you run a search in Landscape, it searches: Property names and aliases, Stewardship site names, Project names, and Contact display names.  It does not search other fields contained within those records.  If you need to search those fields, the best way to do so is to make a view and use the filter function on the field you want to search.


The search bar has wildcard capabilities, meaning there is some flexibility in how you can search.  The "*" character can stand in for multiple characters.  Meaning if you were searching for "McDonald" but were unsure of how to spell it, you could search for "M*Donald", which would return both "Macdonald" and "McDonald".  A search for "M*" would return all records that start with M.  The "?" character can be used to search for single characters, meaning if you were searching for "Smith" you could search "Sm?th", which would return "Smith" and "Smyth".  Because these characters are treated differently, you should not use "?" or "*" in names.


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